Lullatone - Music for Museum Gift Shops

Lullatone - Music for Museum Gift Shops


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レーベル :  lulla-label


『ミュージック·フォー·ミュージアム·ギフトショップス』は、名古屋在住のバンド Lullatoneの、20年に及ぶ冒険心あふれる活動から生み出されたメロディーをピアノだけで回想しています。

これはすっかり大人になったLullatone – ふたりの子どもたちと家で過ごしたり、宿題を手伝ったりしながら、かっこよすぎない普段着のクラシック音楽のようなメロディーが出来上がりました。手作りクラシックと言いましょうか。 機嫌の良いエリック·サティ、より繊細なGoldmundやHauschka、こもれびの中で撮ったウェス·アンダーソンの映画のサウンドトラックのような、そんな感じのアルバムです。



Disc One :
1. trying something again again
2. my second favorite song in the world
3. an ode to eaten snowflakes
4. a blanket of snow spotted from under the blankets in bed
5. morning coffee
6. fleeting years
7. an older couple holding hands 8. icicles melting
9. for all the forgotten resolutions
10. wake up wake up
11. another word for productivity
12. waking up on a picnic blanket
13. going to buy some strawberries
14. second day of school
15. sad grass
16. the biggest pile of leaves you have ever seen
17. thursday inverse
18. gathering sticks for a nest
19. afternoon nap for pets
20. a runaway kite
21. origami tulips
22. wet grass
23. starlight
24. make believe melody
25. we’re better than this, were better than this
26. little by little
27. checking things off of a to-do list early in the morning
28. umbrella
Disc Two :
1. good morning melody
2. race against the sunset
3. the kind of song you make up in your head when you are bored
4. fireflies and lightning bugs
5. the existential dilemma of a melting ice cream cone
6. perfectly organized cleaning supplies
7. still feeling the waves when you go to bed
8. September Affective Disorder
9. a picture of your grandparents when they were young
10. falling asleep with a book on your chest
11. growing up
12. every little moment
13. stars on the ceiling of a planetarium
14. floating away
15. leaves falling
16. here comes the sweater weather
17. adventure music for migrating birds
18. finding a leaf in your girlfriend’s hair
19. an awkward dinner conversation at a family gathering
20. a curtain dancing in the wind
21. how to tie a scarf
22. prelude for a single snowflake under a streetlight, falling like a star
23. a slow waltz
24. a little song about snowdrops